Have you got writing skills? Have you got the ability to do the magic with words? Yes? Alhamdulillah… What if you use this ability in the path of Allah, so that He be pleased with you? What if someone turns to Islam seeing your writing? What if he shares it online so that many finds it and get inspired? You will get equivalent rewards for all those. Those words of yours will be worth a possession in the Aakhira.. Think of it.. Those beautiful moments when you meet Allah, he being pleased with your words…

Friends, it’s all a moment’s thought. What have we done? We will have to answer all the questions about the Ni’ma that Allah has provided us with. So is the writing skill.


So I request you to pen down something beautiful, be it a poem, an article, a story or anything attractive sewn in words and send it to with the subject section filled as “MuslimBeing“.





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