Thriller Dreams!!!

26 Mar

Author: Labeeb Ibrahim [student @NITC]

Dreams!!! We all dream, right?

Some dreams are bitter and we all know what to do when we happen to see such dreams. Here, I wish to talk about some special kind of dreams that can be so well classified as ‘suspense thrillers’. We all will have experienced such dreams.

The hero/heroine (probably yourself) will be doing ultra human activities etc., and we will be enjoying them. The climax of such dreams are never the real climax. they never seem to end. They always lead to an ‘almost climax’ just to see that there is a more thrilling climax coming up.

My intension is not to discuss such dreams. After all such dreams don’t demand discussions, nor such discussions would end.

I’d this question in mind. What is the most probable time that we happen to ‘watch’ such dreams? I analyzed myself. I could find that it is at the time of Fajr prayer most usually that we have such dreams. We are also probable to such dreams exactly when our alarms start beeping at the time we had intended the previous night to pray Thahajjud.

I’d read that dreams come from Allah(SWT), and sometimes Shaithan(the cursed) can also influence one’s dreams. So I’d no doubt at all, that such dreams are from Shaithan who doesn’t want us to wake up in the early morning and prostrate  in front of our Lord, The Almighty Allah!! How would he like that? he’d already told Allah that he would try all of Allah’s slaves to go astray. How would he bear, one of Allah’s slaves waking up, exactly when Allah is so eagerly listening to prayers and answering them ? How can he bear the fact that one of Allah’s obedient slave is knowing the fact that Allah has got down from his A’rsh and come closer to earth?

It is one of the greatest Jihads to wake up for the Fajr prayer. We are fighting against many factors that are inside and around us that try to put us back to sleep for just 5^n (5 to the power of n) minutes. So we are getting rewarded in many perspectives, when we wake up for Fajr prayer. Make sure we don’t miss the Fajr.

May Allah protect us from Shaithan who shows us such break-less dreams that prevent us from praying… Naoozubillah…


4 Responses to “Thriller Dreams!!!”

  1. sabith ali March 26, 2012 at 11:37 pm #

    Maasha is a good read.I hav got an experience to tell u. long back almost 13years back,we wer ther at islahiya boys hostel..i was very lazzy to getup for of my frnd tried to teach me a prayer to get rid of dreams..that was superb experiance i didnt see any dream at that night nd i gotup without struggle maasha Allah,my bad i dont remeber that prayer.

  2. muslimbeing March 26, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    It’s true. Dreams ruin our prayer when we forget to recite all Azkars as taught by The Prophet(SA).

  3. Majeed March 30, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

    It s very good to wake up for fajar,But before we need to clean our heart….Only there Allah’s.Arsh.It is quite important for what we are praying.The purpose of pray.
    Allah is not looking to the words or pray(It s just a media,or means) but to his pure it is..whether he love Allah or he love his material things..
    For this we need to know Allah and what is his actual intention…Otherwise we will be slave..but slave does know the ower..

  4. muslimbeing March 31, 2012 at 8:48 am #

    that’s true… we indeed must know the purpose of prayer..

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