The spark…

19 Feb

Author: Labeeb Ibrahim [student @NITC]

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate…
Asslamu alaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakaathu wa maghfirathuhu…

Dear Brothers and Sisters…

I’m so glad and thank Allah(SWT) for giving me this opportunity and spark in me to spend my time for blogging. I’d been a serious blogger some time ago.. but then I believe I wasn’t this way, a serious Muslim. Now I know my social obligation. Now I feel the call for really being a Muslim.

There were times when I believed that I’d to do nothing for this world to be good. I was seriously mistaken. I knew something was really wrong. I came closer to Allah, and now I’ve a strong perspective. Alhamdu lillah.

I’d been spending lots of time speaking philosophy on social networks. But they never converged. They all had deviations here and there.

I even had thoughts of believing that everyone is true. That had limitations…

Ever since I knew that life had more things to be explored, those philosophies of mine didn’t really fit in…

I stopped blogging and knew I’d to do something more purposeful in lfe than just updateing my extereme emotional feelings on my blog. I’d this craze for short wrings and the best way I thought would be blogging about how I feel being a Muslim, how I view things being a Muslim, and how awesome it is being a Muslim….
I pray to Allah to guide me on the straight path and fill in me with ideas so that I can just place them here in this page, and let pepole and I think about deeper and deeper and get inspired Insha Allah.

I request you all to pray for me…



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